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Highway 407 Tolls Explained

The Province will regulate and set the toll rates for the Highway 407 and Highway 412. Revenue generated from tolling will return to the Ontario treasury generating funds for government priorities.

As part of Phase 1, Highway 412 will be tolled at the same rate as Highway 407.

Customer invoices will clearly indicate the toll revenue and interest collected by the Province.

Transponder lease fees, account fees, and camera charges which may appear on your invoice are set by 407 ETR. These fees are collected and attributed to 407 ETR as the Province’s tolling service provider for Highway 407.

Customers that use Highway 407 and 407 ETR will pay appropriate fees (e.g., transponder fee, camera charge fee, etc.) once for each trip.

For more information on Tolls and Fees please visit our service provider 407 ETR.