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Privacy Statement

The collection, use, and disclosure of personal information associated with users of the Province of Ontario’s Highway 407 is governed principally by the Highway 407 East Act, 2012. The legislation provides that the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) may by agreement authorize a service provider to collect and enforce tolls on MTO’s behalf. Tolling and billing services for Highway 407 are provided for MTO by 407 ETR Concession Company Ltd. (407 ETR Ltd.), the operator and manager of 407 ETR.

Personal information associated with users of Highway 407 can be collected, used, or disclosed only for the following purposes:

  • Collection of tolls, fees, and other charges for use of Highway 407;
  • Traffic planning and revenue management for Highway 407;
  • Communicating with Highway users for the purpose of promoting Highway 407; and
  • Assisting another province or a U.S. state with which MTO has a toll enforcement agreement.

For vehicles using Highway 407 without a transponder, MTO will provide 407 ETR Ltd. with the following personal information for billing purposes about the person in whose name the license plate of the vehicle is registered:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Plate validation expiry date
  • Driver’s licence number, or the number assigned to a person to identify vehicles or plates registered to the person.

The foregoing information may also be provided to 407 ETR Ltd. in respect of all users of Highway 407 (including those with transponders) as required for the purposes listed above. In addition, MTO and 407 ETR Ltd. may collect and disclose the personal information of Highway 407 users from and to other organizations for the permitted purposes. 407 ETR Ltd. and any other organization to whom MTO has disclosed the personal information of Highway 407 users must take measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of that information during its storage, transportation, handling and destruction. It is an offence punishable by a maximum $5,000 fine to knowingly use or disclose personal information supplied by MTO for any purpose other than those noted above.

Where a driver has used both Highway 407 and Highway 407 ETR, rules governing personal information set out in the Highway 407 Act, 1998 also apply and these rules closely resemble those that apply to users of Highway 407, as described above. For more information, review 407 ETR Ltd’s privacy policy at, applicable to users of 407 ETR. Personal information in the custody of MTO is also governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act which applies to all ministries and most agencies of the Government of Ontario. For more information, review Ontario’s Privacy statement.

Questions or comments regarding this privacy policy may be directed to:

Concession Agreements Office
Ministry of Transportation
159 Sir William Hearst Avenue
Toronto, ON M3M 0B7