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Why do I see Highways 412 and 418 toll charges on my invoice if tolls on these highways have been removed?

As of April 5, 2022, tolls are no longer charged for the use of Highways 412 and 418. However, trips taken on these highways will still appear on your bill. Any trips that begin or end on Highway 407 and/or Highway 407 ETR and include a portion of travel on the toll-free Highways 412 or 418, will be charged only for the distance travelled on Highways 407 and/or Highway 407 ETR. The tolls on Highways 412 and 418 are set at $0 so you can be sure that you are not paying for travel on those highways. Tolling equipment will continue to record your entry and exit to ensure trips crossing onto Highway 407 or Highway 407 ETR, if applicable, are billed correctly until all infrastructure changes are complete.

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